Bigg Boss 17 Makers announce Abhishek, Isha, and Mannara dispute over Vicky Jain’s joke about their animosity for TV stars.

Bigg Boss 17 Makers announce : Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya, the former couple, made their debut in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, with a bang, engaging in heated confrontations right from the start. The housemates found themselves in the role of peacemakers, trying to calm down the rising tension.

Bigg Boss 17 Levels the Playing Field

Bigg Boss addressed the long-standing favoritism towards TV celebrities by declaring that this season, assistance will be given to particular candidates, including Ankita Lokhande, Aishwarya Sharma, Isha Malviya, Rinku Dhawan, and Neil Bhatt. While those who were identified rejoiced, others were demoralized by the revelation.

Housemates are in a frenzy as Vicky Jain pulls a fast one as a prankster.

Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande’s husband, took the chance to tease the other competitors. When given the task of making an announcement, he made up a Bigg Boss order stating that everyone needed to switch beds. Abhishek rushed to secure Soniya Bansal’s bed, causing a tense confrontation. Isha and Mannara Chopra got into a fight over their previous relationship when Abhishek’s motivations were made public.

Bigg Boss 17 Makers announce Abhishek, Isha, and Mannara dispute over Vicky Jain's joke about their animosity for TV stars

Along with calling the housemates, Bigg Boss chastised them for participating in the game behind his back. He criticized them for attempting to manipulate the game. Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande also talked on the necessity for him to play aggressively. She also cautioned him against joining confrontations with others.

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